Hallux Rigidus Saga




There are very few records between EOE (exodus of earth) and NEA (new expanse acquired). No records were kept (or discovered) presenting a time frame. There a few records kept prior to EOE. The one most referenced is the Jon Marx Journal. I will begin from his writings.

This is according to the account of Jon Marx. Another words I, Jon Marx, wrote this record.

My grandfather Ian lived in northern New Hampshire USA, Earth in the small town of Hallux. The following inserts are his words regarding his connection with the first gate appearance during the spring of 1910.

April 11 1910

I was in the woods cutting junk trees this evening when a light appeared before me. It was small like a lantern but as I peered closer it exploded into large circle big enough to swallow a horse. It shifted its shape several times until settling on a square. It stood up in the air but had no depth as I walked to peer around it I noticed it was thin like parchment but bright from both sides. I could not discern where its light source originated. Within a few minutes the light faded until it became dark like the evening and very difficult to see. I went to the house to get a lamp and when I returned it took some time to find it again for it seemed to blend with the air around it.

I was about to touch it, but imagined little creep in the house sleeping. Her mother's passing so recently I should be more careful. She doesn't need her father gone too.

I marked the ground with a large stick and created a trail with branches so I could find it again later. I came home and checked on little creep. She was sleeping soundly with grandma in the next room rocking in her favorite chair.

I plan to return tomorrow after chores. I don't know what it is and hope it's not dangerous.

April 12 1910

A..After chores I went as planned to the ...thing in the woods. As I approached I saw the sticks I left as a trail were out of place I looked closer and saw small foot prints... OH-NO I thought... I ran to it and saw the footprints disappear on this side. I looked to the other side and sure enough the prints weren't there... Wilma? Little Creep... Nooo! I jumped to the other side and walked into it.

It was dark. I stumbled around for a moment and then saw stars like a starry night sky but full of color, like nothing I've seen before. A woman appeared before me looking at me quizzically and then with a smile she said, “Hi daddy”

I woke up in the forest disoriented, I staggered to the house yelling for Wilma. Mom appeared in the doorway with a frantic look. She ran to me and asked where I had been. I ignored her and asked if she has seen Little Creep. She exclaimed that we have both been missing for three days. How can this be, and where is Little Creep now? I had to find her! I went back to the gateway... it was hard to find but I did it. I jumped inside.

It was dark. I looked around for the stars but before I could move I felt something grab my leg, then something rubbed against my side. A tentacle -like arm grabbed my wrist. Suddenly my mind felt like something was rubbing against. Like the tentacle arm but rubbing inside on my brain. It pulled things out of me... oh God please make it stop! Then I heard a voice in my head. “Ian, welcome back”.

I woke up on the forest floor dazed and confused. I looked around, the colors of the forest looked washed out. I sat up, the movement made me throw up. I sat for a long time and then slowly stood. Everything spun for a moment but I managed to stay on my feet. I realized the air is cold and the trees are naked of leaves. I slowly move to the house leaning on the trees for support as I go. My legs shake the whole time. When I reach the clearing I yell for mother.

Sept 22 1910

I woke in bed. I knew mother was downstairs, I can feel her there, in the kitchen. She was in a frantic state and her sadness was felt like a knife cutting my mind. It pulled me from bed even through the pain I felt from every part of my body.

Downstairs I glided into the kitchen and asked her to stop. She turned, startled and asked how are you standing. I gave her a confused look when she explained that when she found me I was missing my right hand and both legs.

Oct 2 1910

I stay in the house and the forest behind. I can walk and use both hands even though no one but I can see them. Mother becomes frighted whenever she see me gliding around the house and so I keep my movements in the forest. Neighbors were coming to help but they come less and less I sense there apprehension and fear. Not just from me but from the sightings and strange event occurring more and more all through Hallux.

We never found Little-Creep. I know she is not here and therefor can't be found by any search. I've been in the forest many times now searching for the gate but in my delirium I can't focus on much and can't find the gate. I must keep searching, Little Creep is trapped in hell... I have to save her!

Nov 23 1910

This will be my final entry. Mother left yesterday. She said I should not leave the house. Many people are evacuating but I want to stay and find Little Creep. Mother says I can't leave anyway because there's not enough of me left. She thinks I'm fading away little by little. I told her I'm just distraught but I'm holding together. She said, “it's not your mind that's missing, are you Ian or something else?”

I heard fear in her voice and stepped forward to hug her but she stepped back, “Go back where you came from and return my boy and granddaughter to me.” She turned and walked away in a rush.

I don't go in the house anymore. It feels foreign and ugly. I can feel everything, it's a wash of emotion like a kaleidoscope I can't put together... as I begin to it shifts again, always out of reach. A puzzle I can't form. Inside it somewhere I feel Wilma. She is in the puzzle but I can't get to her. Some of the pieces are strong and get in the way but I found a way to remove them. Tomorrow I will begin cleaning the puzzle until the only remaining piece is my little Creep and then I will finally be with her again.